In de loop der jaren heeft Your Republic door haar succesvolle evenementen een zeer goede status opgebouwd. Blader hier eens rond om te zien welke artiesten al eens op een Your Republic event hebben opgetreden.

Gee MC
At the age of 20 MC Gee decided to move to Tenerife and work in the clubs there where the UK house and garage scene was massive. There he excelled performing with DJs like EZ, Luck and MC Neat, Spoony (Dream Team). He also did some tracks with some p

Glenn Helder

Goodgrip MC
Goodgrip stands for the grip you’ll have on life itself. Nick Rijnders aka dj/producer and mc Goodgrip has got a grip on life and especially music. With an Amsterdam based studio and major dj and mc gigs all over the world Goodgrip has become a

Greg van Bueren
Since the end of 2007 you put more focus on your DJ career and we are very happy about that! It seems that you finally receive the credits you deserve. How come it took that long? ‘”Well I was always more interested in producing. Our first

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